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Laipac Technology Launches its First IoT Smart Watch

Laipac Technology Inc. is launching the first IoT enabled smart watch, LooK in San Francisco, California on September 12-14 at MWC Americas.

Laipac Technology is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario which is an established front runner of GPS location and tracking services.

They have combined Laipac Tech, Guardian Angel Connect element with an Internet of Things platform, LocationNow. In addition to this, it also has the ability to access internet and make calls without being hitched to a smartphone.

Features of the smartwatch LooK includes:

  1. Sophisticated Design:

The LooK watch has been forged by high-quality stainless steel. It comes with a range of silver (Silver White, Silver Blue and Silver Black) and gold colour collection (Gold Black, Gold Blue and Rose Gold). It has an active-matrix organic light-emitting diode, AMOLED display with a scratch proof Sapphire glass and digital faces which can customized by the users and touchscreen interface.

2. Substitute for a Phone:

LooK functions as your smartphone as well. You can make or receive calls as you go. All it requires is a nano-sim which will be activated through your service provider.

3. Bluetooth & WiFi:

LooK has also the ability to connect to WiFi and nearby Bluetooth devices.

4. Water Resistant:

LooK smartwatch is integrated with water resistant technology. It is IP67 rated and completely safe to wear around or in water.

5. Voice Activation:

LooK gives a complete hands-free experience as it has a feature of voice activation. SO now you can access the various features of the smartwatch just by using your voice.

6. Powerful Processor & Plenty of Memory:

LooK comes with a 1.3Ghz powerful processor along with 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM which lets you store hundreds and thousands of photos, songs, videos etc.

7. GPS Tracking & Location:

As mentioned earlier in the article, LooK has an integrated GPS location and tracking system in its hardware enabled with Laipac’s award-winning tracking technology.

8. Guardian Angel Connect:
Laipac has been famous for its vehicle tracking, mobile healthcare and asset monitoring gadgets ever since 1999. Its mobile Personal Emergency Response Service technology is protecting the field workers, professionals, law enforcement agents, families and business personels for long in over a hundred countries. The smartwatch uses LocationNow.com via the Guardian Angel Connect property, which helps to locate the user. The user also has an option to either enable or disable the service.
9. SOS Feature:
If you are in any danger, smartwatch has an SOS button, press it for a second and you will be showed a list of emergency contact numbers, whereas, if you press it for three seconds, it will send your location via the GPS to your predefined emergency numbers with the help of LocationNow.com.
10. Virtual Nurse:
The LooK watch is made to monitor and track the user’s health and fitness routine and record it. It monitors the heart rate, steps taken, even the route taken for a walk or a jog. It can also actively remind you to take your medicines if you are prescribed to any.
If the watch is removed from a patient’s hand, an alert is sent on the device of choice and from the LocationNow.com site you can initiate voice communication, make a call on it or find it physically.
11. Fall Detector:
Integrated with the G-sensors, the LooK watch activates and generates and emergency alert whenever it senses that the user is falling or a fall is precedented. It will then send all of your details to the preset emergency contact and help you connect with them through the two-way call system who can assure you if help is on the way. In case of a false emergency, the user can press the SOS button once and the alert will be cancelled.
12. Geo-fencing:
Users can now customize a virtual fence to let the person know whenever someone enters or exits the perimeters they have created through LocationNow.com. The users can generate up to 20 customizable geo fences which are super easy to create.
13. Watch Specs:
i) Cellphone Network
  • Network: WCDMA 3G 850 / 1900 / 2100Mhz
  • GSM GPRS 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900Mhz

ii) Software

  • OS: Android 5.1
  • Voice Activated Commands: Yes
  • CPU: Mediatek Quadcore 1.3GHz

iii) Display

  • Display: AMOLED 1.39”/ 35mm (400 x 400 pixels)
  • Touch Screen: Capacitive Touch

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