Kitman Labs Is Providing Detroit Pistons With The Helpful Sports Data

Sports team, all around the world, these days are searching for various ways through which they can find their players’ statistics and bio-mechanics. In order to increase optimal performance and to prevent injuries, the various big clubs are relying on sports wearable technologies. To help the teams and to make their performance better, Kitman Labs, a sports technology company based in Menlo Park, Calif., that calls itself “the World’s First Athlete Optimization System,” has found a new way through which the big teams in the NFL, MLB and NBA can collect the important data, information and all the practical results just from one source.

How Kitman Labs Benefit!

Kitman Labs CEO and founder Stephen Smith has stated that his company, using artificial intelligence has integrated Sports science and technology together. With the blend of intelligence and fine machine learning, the teams know how to improve their performance and how to prevent injuries.

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Kitman Labs is gathering all the important data on all the different stresses placed on athletes and uncovering “subtle, small degenerations that occur that may increase the risk of injury.” Those occurrences are then documented and sent to a team’s staff for their own in-house analysis. Smith has defined the use of technology with his conversation on as;

“Teams have spent vast amounts of money and hired more and more staff to understand and utilize tech, but we continue to see injuries on the rise in the big sports. Everyone is focusing on one particular data source, whether sleep, heart rate, movement or neurological data. Everyone is focusing on one piece of data as the golden ticket. The human body is incredibly individual and one data source, we believe, is way too simplistic.”

How This System Progress?

Kitman Labs isn’t all based on hardware devices or sensors clipped over a body. The system has a focus on software and the results found through it. The system carries all the data from the tracking devices and then coordinates them. It also asks players, series of questions through an app. The questions are about the health of the player. It also uses a camera system to identify body symmetry within a matter of seconds.

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By collecting these multiple points of data, from physical to psychological, Smith says Kitman can consolidate all the sources into one place and empower team staff to make better decisions and interventions throughout a season or during the off-season.

Smith has also explained that putting two athletes in the same situation will garner different reactions. The first company in this space to use machine learning, Smith says his system can sift through the data to adapt to what is “normal” for each athlete.

“If an athlete responds well and has no signs of fatigue, proceed about your business and push them to get fitter, faster and stronger. That is exactly what you want in a high-performance environment. Athlete B, though, if he is getting tired and when landing was having an issue with his knee, we can flag that risk of injury and [staff] can micro-manage to ensure he gets to the game and ensure he stays on to perform at his highest level.”

How Is Kitman Labs Helping Detroit Pistons?

General Manager of the Detroit Pistons, Jeff Bower, has explained the advantage of using the wearable systems like Kitman Labs as;

“We think [Kitman Labs] provides a terrific vehicle for us to turn an incredible amount of data into useful, manageable information that can help our players. Everything we are doing in this area is designed to give us feedback that can help us monitor the welfare of our players.”

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Bower also explained that Pistons measure the biomechanical data of players and find if there are any deviations from the previously collected data.  Pistons also keep a check on player loads and GPS data throughout the season along with the data collected from heart rate monitorsl

“We think that combination of everything provides a totally comprehensive approach to tracking and monitoring our athletes for their welfare.”

“What we’re looking for is to establish trends and workflows that are meaningful,” Bower says. “We are interpreting practice information versus our game information, which is all different. And that’s where we are relying on the support of experts from Kitman to synthesize many of these different sets of information.”

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He further said that;

“What we’re looking for is to establish trends and workflows that are meaningful. We are interpreting practice information versus our game information, which is all different. And that’s where we are relying on the support of experts from Kitman to synthesize many of these different sets of information.”

Continuing with releaancy to the latest NBA season Bower explained that;

But it all goes back to helping the players. “It is a total transparent exercise.” The information is shared so players understand their bodies and staff understand the players. “We are all searching for ways to reduce injury and we are all looking for ways to keep our players healthy and we all understand the demands and rigors across the board of an NBA season.”

The infusion of science and technology together certainly ensures a better NBA season.