Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Kinematix Shuts Down Its Tune Smart Insoles Startup

Kinematix has announced shutting down its production of the Tune smart insoles due to monetary issues.

Tune faced an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to start with. However, the developers still managed to bring their high tech product in the market. Tune smart insoles were meant to analyze running stats in real time. They had sensors to analyze symmetry between the right and left foot and provide real time data on ground contact time. Tune also had GPS feature to enable map for your running tracks. Tune had been one of the most favored wearables in the Olympics last year.

In an email to Sportswareable, Kinematix narrated this heart breaking news to us.

According to Kinematix it has been very difficult for them to take this decision and give up all their struggle of the past two years. Undoubtedly, their product was the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, running wearable.

Kinematix thanked its supporters and customers who enabled Tune to survive in the market this long. It had been impossible without their input and encouragement.

So, if you own a pair of Tune currently, you can get it recycled system by dropping it off at an electronic recycling center but sadly you can’t get a refund from the company. If you continue to use the pair you own, its app will still capture your data but won’t be able to upload it in the cloud; it’ll only remain in your phone. All your previous data saved in the app and on the cloud will be emailed to you in .GPX format so that you can add it up to another running platform.

We wish all the best to team Kinematix. We hope they gather all their energies and expertise to come p with a more high tech wearable project soon.

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