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Kickstarter blasting with donors for these tech-marvel Goggles’



BSG2 is currently being promoted and launched by the kick-starter campaign. It is the high quality, multi-purpose and multi-weather goggle with unbreakable frame and instantly replaceable magnetic lenses.

The Dutch company, called, Blueprint Eyeware launched the kick-starter campaign on Friday, 13th November. All in all, the campaign succeeded in getting 609 donors worth $95,743 dollars.

The mission of the Dutch company is to manufacture and produce the most quantum leap product that is a complete breakthrough in the Goggle’s sector. Blueprint Eyeware’s mission revolves around designing these products for half the price when compared to brands with big names and hefty prices. The company has stated the popular names like Oakley,   Electric, Anon, and Dragon as their biggest rivals in this sector.

The new product furthers the technology through attaching ten very high performance and powerful magnets that attach the frames of the goggles to the lenses. These magnets will guarantee that the lenses will stay in place. It also relaxes you from the annoying task of switching the lenses on the goggles.


The other plus point of the new BSG2 is its tough and unbreakable frame. The company claims that the frames are made from the strong and top quality products that make the frames impossible to break. Blueprint Eyeware is very confident regarding this new advancement that it offers a lifetime guarantee for the frame. The frame also forms a tight seal or comfortable packaging on the face of a skier or snowboarder.

Lenses of the new goggles are also fairly new and modern when it comes to comparison with the others that are present today. The standard lenses for the BSG2 are hydrophobic so water beads do not smear across your whole face. Other features also include anti-reflective, anti-scratch, and anti-fog coatings.

The BSG2 also provides its users with various removable and changeable head straps that can easily be attached to the goggles. The straps can be changed easily like lenses within a blink of an eye. No other big names in this sector have manufactured anything this unique, awe-inspiring, strong and flexible. No other goggles available today can provide you with changeable lens or a quickly replaceable strap.

Various different pledge category amounts have been completely sold out. Pledge packages offer a variety of add-ons to the goggles, depending on how much a person donates.

There are nine days still left till the completion of the campaign and already two out of three goals have been completed. The intensity of the people dragging to donate for the campaign is extremely high. This is for the first time that a goggle has succeeding in grabbing the attention of the large number of user base.

The goggles are extremely fascinating and completely gorgeous to see. I just watched the promotional video on the Kickstarter page and I obviously want to have one, even if I am not into ski or snowboarding thing at all. Let’s wait and see what popularity is this new product going to get after it comes into hands of people.


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