Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Keep your Kids Safe with Safer Kids Smartwatch

The Indian smart jewelry producing company Leaf Wearables  has launched its smartwatch for kids. Known as “Safer Kids” this smartwatch has tackled one of the most prevalent issues with children – safety.

Safer Kids is built with a GPS tracker to let the parents keep a check on the movement and location of their kid anytime anywhere through their smart phone app. The target age group of the smartwatch is kids of age 4 to 10 years, as these kids are more prone to being lost.

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It also has 7 emergency contact numbers pre-programmed in the system. You can also add your personal numbers to these emergency contacts. In case of a problem, you can call/text or receive calls only from those numbers. It also comes with an alarm system. Kids can hit the red button on the side of the watch and sends red alerts to the designated contacts.

Safer Kids lets parents set a limit of “Safe Zone” on the map. Whenever your child enters or leaves the safe zone, a notification is received.

Safer Kids has an accompanying app that is compatible to Android and iOs. You don’t need a subscription service to access its safety features. It is available in blue, pink and yellow – the three most favorite colors of kids. It also has removable face masks to make it more attractive for the kids.

It has a battery life of 36 hours. It is manufactured from food grade silicon and weighs 41g. Safer Kids smartwatch is available here  at $75.

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