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Kate Spade & Tapestry Gets Into Wearable Tech Business

Kate Spade, a part of the Tapestry group of design brands, flaunted a recently launched smartwatch for women on the recent Consumer Electronics Exhibit. While the instrument isn’t inclined to have a colossal effect on the Company all by utilizing itself, it can be an answer for enhancing the Tapestry lineup into a more extensive exhibit of garments and accessories. This is the thing that merchants and high-class fashionistas want to acknowledge.

The Kate Spade New York smartwatch is the first from the company including a touchscreen. The organization initially made its raid into the universe of tech-enabled wearables with a hybrid watch, including highlights like phone notifications and, activity and sleep tracking, however the most recent plan totally takes out the conventional watch from its outline and it goes all digital.

Concerning the innovation, the Kate Spade wearable uses Alphabet’s Android Wear platform. The watch is perfect with other Android and Apple devices. It depends on centered, customer oriented “micro apps” to make the gadget completely Kate Spade. For example, customized watch faces created by the company enables the user to match this accessory with their clothing.

Even though the watch isn’t much different from other similar watches on the market, the main selling point for it is the highly fashionable design. It is specifically designed considering the people who find traditional smart watches “ugly”. Considering how the smart watch market is mostly dominated by tech companies, Kate Spade collaborated with the tradition watchmaker, the Fossil Group, to design a better, more high-end alternative to the regular smart watch.

Even though the wearable market is more than overcrowded, this product is not set out to create ripples. It is a highly niched product and might only appeal the ones who are interested in high fashion.

In any case, Kate Spade is extending its lineup. The company was acquired by Tapestry in the late spring of 2017. Tapestry is also the parent company of leather merchandise producer, Coach, and shoe maker, Stuart Weitzman. The organization changed its name from Coach to Tapestry a couple of months subsequent to finishing the Kate Spade.

The company’s expertise now stretches out past its underlying foundations to include all forms of fashion, from garments to scents to adornments, and the thriving universe of wearables is next.

Laraib Zafar
A final year med student, tripping on tea, trying to figure out how to adult.

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