KamiBaby is a baby monitor which shows the amplified breathing of their baby. It also has a humidity and temperature monitor as well as crying detection along with other all-round features.

Kamibaby is accompanied by a smartphone application which lets the parents to have a check on their kids for all day long which is made possible by a very impressive 1080p Night Vision. The video footage can even be shared with family and friends as well.

This smart baby monitor even lets you communicate with your baby as the audio goes both ways. On top of that, you can even play a recorded audio through it with just one tap. It can also integrate with smart assistants like Google and Alexa.

Nevertheless, probably the greatest innovation of this smart baby monitor is the functionality which lets you to visually see the amplified breathing of your baby. This is made possible by very advanced and sophisticated image processing powered by Artificial Intelligence. This feature along with humidity and room temperature monitoring and cry detection bring peace to the minds of many parents.

A big concern of today are the privacy issues when it comes to smart technology. Many smart devices relating to kids were known to have these flaws in the past which made them a huge concern for security and wellbeing. Some of these devices have been known to store, transmit and receive data with very little or no encryption which has made them very easy target for hackers. Luckily, KamiBaby has all its corners covered as it abides by the very strict guidelines provided for data protection.

KamiBaby simplifies the job for parents with its very impressive multiple functionalities. These multiple functionalities reduce the number of devices needed thus giving in an all in one experience. KamiBaby can be purchased from Indiegogo at 50% off the shipping will start by March of this year.