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Jewelbot is not just a chic friendship bracelet for kids

Jewebot is not just a chic friendship bracelet for kids

Wearables have been blending themselves into our daily lives, very neatly. Until now, most part of the wearable technology was associated with health, fitness and sports industry. Gradually, as people are getting used to the impact of wearable on their daily lives, the technology is emerging with different aspects.

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From Smart watches, fitness bands, activity trackers, Smart jewelry and Smart clothing, the wearable have made a debut in the lives of preteens. The wearable have now felt that it is their responsibility to jump in every area of our life. We don’t mind, By the way. Do we?

Jewebot is not just a chic friendship bracelet for kids

This time around wearable have taken the idea to teach coding to the preteens through the friendship bracelet. A range of friendship bracelets known as Jewelbot have just surfaced on the wearable world. The bracelets will hook to the Smartphone so that the kids can learn about the statements including if/when.

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Friends can also pair bracelets, which will light up or vibrate when the connected buddy is close to you. You can also send a message to your friend. For the giddy soles, who are interested to learn more can also create more intriguing replies with the help of Arduino IDE.

Jewebot is not just a chic friendship bracelet for kids

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Basically, the Jewelbots are cute little bracelets with a flower that can be programmed to vibrate or light up with different functioning. As mentioned above, you can program the bracelets with precise statements using if and then, sync the bracelets with the friends’; all with the help of Bluetooth. Moreover, the Arduino IDE will also complicate the use with different typical wearable technology aspects like notifications comments on social media platforms, when someone texts, reminders, alarms and so on.

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Jewelbot is the endearing and enchanting bracelet for the teens with a feminine touch. As mentioned, the bracelets are only meant for females. But, if little changes and customization are done with the design, the wearable can also be made available for the young boys too. Till then, the young girls can giggle by sharing their silly little jokes with the help of this bracelet.




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