Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Jawbone may shift it’s market strategy away from Consumers

Jawbone, a company that originally emerged as a headset manufacturer company, moved to making Bluetooth speakers and later shifted it to it’s current state of making affordable wearables and fitness trackers. However, if the news are to be believed, Jawbone is again planning to switch it’s product and market strategy. The company intent to refocus it’s business on higher-margin B2B market and it is doing so by working along other clinical organizations and healthcare providers. If this works well, they may stop selling their products to consumers.


It has been reported that the company focused mainly on fitness wearables for the last couple of years and it had a respected position. However, its financials were not in a very good state and were revealed to be poor. It mainly happened after Fitbit decided to drop great part of its lawsuit against Jawbone, which was over blocking devices from being sold in the United States. Fitbit gave a withdrawal statement in court, stating that Jawbone is in default or is already filed for bankruptcy. Currently, Jawbone is running on with its own antitrust case, which it has filed against Fitbit. Jawbone also denied of Fitbit’s claim by citing a lack of bankruptcy petition.

It seems like nobody outside Jawbone company know what they are up to. All we know is that, Jawbone hasn’t  launched any new fitness wearables since April 2015. The customers of Jawbone are not happy about this, at all.

Its high time for Jawbone to make a striking comeback either with new fitness wearables whether it’s for consumer markets or clinical markets.


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