Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Are You A Super Bowl Fan? Jawbone Knows Sleeping Habits During Game!


With Super Bowl season up, everyone is fan drooling. We all stay up night to watch the spicy football match between our favorite teams. Because, no one of us wants to miss the Super Bowl super game at all. This is why Jawbone has jumped in to reveal a pretty amazing data.

The fitness tracking name in question, Jawbone, has just unveiled some important data related to the sleeping habits of the fan during Super Bowl games. The company has knocked into the data collected from the famous Jawbone UP fitness tracker from the courtesy of thousands of fitness tracking geeks.

The data has been unveiled anonymously. Jawbone has found out that how the sleeping time and habit of the large population changes during the thrilling evening of the game. The company has published that during the 2013 late finish, it was noted that the saw East Coast based Ravens supporters dragged their usual sleeping time about “49 minutes” late. Near to the standard 0020 on Sunday night. As Monday, was the working day, some people unfortunately had to compromise their precious 49 minutes of sleep.

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Are You A Super Bowl Fan? Jawbone Knows Sleeping Habits During Game!
Jawbone UP

However, on the other side of the United States, the chapter was inverse. The game, which ended around 19:45 PST, faced a turmoil for the fans. They were angry with their sloppy team performance and went to bed 20 minutes earlier than normal.

Similarly, on 2014 the routing of the Broncos by the Seahawks gave the fans a little abnormal sleep than usual. However, in 2015 the victorious New England Patriots fans celebrated their win and had to sleep a little more than usual.

The data by Jawbone is pretty amazing. It is opening a new gate at how, Super Bowl, NFL and other big games are changing our sleeping habits. We will be waiting for more data by Jawbone as the thrilling Super Bowl season ’16 ends.

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