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Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones Help Athletes Track Their Workout And Heart Rate Data

Jabra is a popular name in the world of wearable wireless headsets and heart rate monitors fitted inside the headphones. The company is famed for producing such kind of wearables for athletes to gauge their heart progress during workouts.

This time, The Sport Pulse Wireless headphone by the company allows the athletes to keep a check on their heart rate and monitors the pulse data with the help of audio details. It means that the wireless headphones permits voice coaching during workouts and tracks the training sessions with the help of a training app that connects to the headphones with the help of Bluetooth.

Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones Help Athletes Track Their Workout And Heart Rate Data

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Jabra has claimed that the Sport Pulse Wireless Headphones are proven to be “clinical-grade accurate” when monitoring the heart rate data. The extent of the accuracy and the proven quality would be helpful in attracting athletes towards the product and will give the wearable and edge over the other products available out there.

The Sport Pulse Headphones track the user’s workouts and then sent the data to the connected Smartphone app. The earphones attached are extremely small and are attached to the user’s head with the help of a cable. The apps are not Jabra restricted, but, the users can also consult the popularly known apps like the RunKeeper which also keeps an eye on the workout details of the athletes. The headphones are compatible with both Android and Apple Smartphones with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.

Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones Help Athletes Track Their Workout And Heart Rate Data

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The connected Smartphone app keeps a track on the running information of the users along with other important details like time taken, distance covered, the pace of the runner and heart rate data during running etc. The data is instant and can be consulted by the athlete whenever they want. In case, the runners do not want to interrupt their workout by glancing at the stats every other second, they can also program the application to read the data to them. This way, the app will read all the data to the athletes after every five minutes.

Apart from collecting the data, Jabra also selects the goals for the users and tell them if they have reached their desired goal or not. It keeps on advising them about speed or when they need to stop to control their heart rate etc.

Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones Help Athletes Track Their Workout And Heart Rate Data

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Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones are not only good in features but they are also compatible with all type of workouts and gym sessions. This is what makes the wearable more appealing for the users. As per the IP rating, the headphones have an IP55 rating. This means that they are dust and low-pressure water resistant. The headphones are expected to have a long battery life too. Jabra has a long list of positives in its line of production. Let’s see how these headphones fare out in front of athletes and workout enthusiasts!

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