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Jabra launches the world’s most technically advanced sport earbuds, the Elite Sport

Jabra’s latest offering, Elite Sport are a pair of smart wireless earbuds designed for fitness enthusiast. Tiny compared to other competitive products, the earbuds boasts no cord connections, it can monitor your heart rate, test your VO2 Max, count your reps while you are at Gym and provide in-ear coaching so you don’t have to reply on your phone. The functionality remains the same whether you choose to wear one earbud or both.

Jabra has also included three years warranty against sweat related issues and will work underwater for up 30 minutes in up to three feet of water. Jabra also wanted to make sure you are not completely disconnected from the outside world so each ear bud comes with two microphones. These let you switch between calls and music through voice activation and help reduce the background noise. The company has included ear gels, ear wings and foam tips in the box. The box itself is used for charging the earbuds.

What really excites me about our first true wireless earbuds is that they offer an experience that only Jabra can bring-to-life,” Jabra CEO René Svendsen-Tune said in a statement. “We’ve used our R&D expertise from across the GN Group to deliver not just the most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds, but also the most complete cord-free experience for our customers. Jabra Elite Sport is an example of an intelligent sound solution that delivers calls and music very well.


Jabra’s Sport Life App:

Like any other wearable, the users will get the most of out when connected with Jabra’s iOS or Android App called the “Sport Life”. The app includes audio training tools, race-time predictor, recovery advisor and detail analysis on your fitness thanks to the in-ear heart rate monitor. Based on your workout, the training mechanism is smart enough to provide real-time feedback and tips on improving it.

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Battery Life:

These earbuds will last up to three hours of playback time (music and call) which do not sound appealing compared to the rest of the features. Jabra solves this problem by providing a compact carry case that offers an additional 6 hours of charge. All you need to is, keep the earbuds in the case between the workouts.

Cost and Availability

Elite Sport will be available for pre-order exclusively at BestBuy for $249.99 starting 30th October whereas online pre-orders will be available much early. In UK, the product will cost £229.99 and the availability is unknown.

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