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Is ARING really smart as it claims?


There are a number of “smart” products coming up. There was a time when we only had smart watches with few features but now we have dozens with different bewildering specifications.

Apart from the mainstream smart watches, we have now smart jewelry too. Now, there is an addition to the long list of competition. ARING is one smart and confident wearable that claims its entire focus on voice control. It’s too good to be true but that is what the company claims.

It can either be manufactured into a ring or into a bracelet; we are not confirmed about that yet. It will swiftly connect with your Smartphone. As per the promotional video released by the company, the app in your phone will offer you the voice control features and also you can offer short instructions to be performed. The user can command the simple obligations to be performed like; “lights” or “my music” means turning a Philips Hue lamp on, or playing your stored MP3s; which will then be played through the relevant medium.

Voice gestures and commands will also power Google searches and entries, Chromecast controls, smart appliance connectivity, note taking and a find-my-phone feature. The battery can take 300 commands before it needs a charge and will last up to three days on standby.

The design of the wearable is really funky and cool looking. It is specifically designed for the wearable geeks. The whole body of the wearable has an aluminum frame. ARING will be available in three different color options. There will also be a slick looking metallic straps for the bracelet option.

Canner Tang, founder of Whynot Tech – the home ground of ARING said in his official statement;

“The average person spends 90 minutes on their cell phone every day. We developed Vring to give people more freedom to experience life and spend time with family and friends. Our goal is to make life easier, and homes smarter by using the latest advancements in voice-recognition technology.”

Comparing the benefits and daily uses of the cell phone with an under-construction wearable is obviously the over doing by the CEO. In the first place, we are not even sure that the product will be any similar to the brags and the high claims by the team. And, on the other hand we are confident that the usage of ARING will never overpass or undermine the usage and value of cell phone.

For those who are interested, you can read more details on their website.

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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