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Is Quantlet going to be the most powerful performance enhancement tool?

Quantlet is the device which has been made to see the effects of nature’s most significant gifts; light and thermal energy on the body. The wearable will not only work as a normal fitness measuring device but it will optimize the body functions by using light and cold energy to ultimately revolutionize human performance.

 Is Quantlet going to be the most powerful performance enhancement tool?

The Quantlet is still pending patent. The wearable will be in the form of a flexible bracelet that applies light and cold through the skin of the wrist and ultimately to the blood. With the help of different irradiation parameters developed by Quantum Dynamics and wavelengths, the light is absorbed to the tissues of the skin and ulnar arteries to the wrist veins.

“The light applied triggers targeted, localized and controllable production of nitric oxide, a well-known vasodilator and neurotransmitter capable of enhancing physical performance by increasing blood flow.”

The wearable also uses thermoelectric coolers (TECs) to regulate core body temperature thereby optimizing physiologic performance. The cooling fans and heat sinks allow Quantlet to reach low temperature which becomes heat exchanger for the body. The wearable is easy-to-use and painless. It provides the easiest way to workout with the body by natural elements which help in weight loss.

 Is Quantlet going to be the most powerful performance enhancement tool?

Quantlet is the band which should be worn on the wrist during workouts for 5 to 60 minutes per day. For effective use, a user is expected to wear it prior to starting exercise for about 30 minutes. Similarly, 60 minutes after the exercise maximize exercise efficiency and recovery too. All the data can be viewed through a Smartphone app.

Quantlet is water-resistant but not water-proof. It has limited 1 year guarantee. The Quantlet is ideal for those men and women who are looking for a wide-variety of benefits that have to do with their personal health and mental or physical performance. It is best for all those who want to boost their energy level and performance including best results for Cross-Fit Athletes, MMA Fighters, Weight Lifters and Rock Climbers.

Quantlet is up on Indiegogo since about 2 months and will remain in funding for another 46 hours. The wearable has raised $267,073USD which is 97% of its fixed funding of $275,000 USD. Not much amount is left, so go back it now, if you want to use this revolutionary technology.

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