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Is New Microsoft Band in your shop list?

Microsoft's' new band

Microsoft has finally announced its sole and much anticipated upcoming new band. The images for the new band have officially been released.

The new Microsoft band has a sleek and a modern design with curved screen and assortment of new features. The band has an exclusive curved OLED screen with GORILLA Glass 3 screen. If we compare this band to its predecessor there are new features as well as more promising and durable design.

There is a barometer to measure evaluations. This feature can be used by all but it is especially beneficial for the hackers and climbers. There is also a medium through which we can measure VO2 max for running and sports. The Microsoft Health App along with the above feature will enable people to gauge their exertion and will also puss them to easily dole towards soothe and calm from their extraneous and hard training sessions.

There is also GPS tracking for accurate running and cycling sports, as well as UV detection, Cortana for workout reminders, guided workouts and smartphone notifications on the wrist.

If we think about the previous Microsoft Band, the design was the main hurdle which prohibited that band to be famous among masses. But, the new Microsoft band is kind of a hybrid of Microsoft Band and the Samsung Gear Fit’s love child. It has a curved screen and a cool, funky plastic strap. Although the previous issue as the band was not comfortable is solved or not is yet to be seen but as for now this band seems quite threatening to those which are already available or are ready to come.

There are also a range of partner apps including MyFitness Pal, Strava and MapMyRun as well as not fitness related brands such as Subway, Starbucks and Uber, so you can order cab by just pressing a button from your wrist.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the rest of the features are similar to the previous band. But still, as for now, it is one of the most complete fitness trackers on the market. The band is compatible with iOS and android apart from the Microsoft devices and Windows 10 phones.

The Microsoft Band is up for pre-orders now. It will be officially available for purchase from 30 October. The band costs $249.

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