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Is Jabil Peak+ an ultimate answer for Smart Clothing revolution?

Is Jabil Peak+ an ultimate answer for Smart Clothing revolution?

2015 has been a good luck for wearable tech industry. It was expected that the most popular form of smart tech for this year would be Smart Clothing. But, the expectations did not turn out so well.

Initially, the new tech like OMSignal proved their worth and became a threat for big names like Nike Sports or JD Sports etc.

Now, a St Petersburg based tech company, Jabil has claimed that it is opening new gates for the smart clothing tech. The organization claims that it has solutions for growing different areas of wearable technology.

Jabil has unveiled a new Smart tech called Peak+. It is a simple reference design for different smart clothing manufacturers to design built-in manufacturers into t-shirts and sports bras. The bio-metric data can be easily recorded and analyzed without giving user any tension and uneasiness.

Is JABIL Soon Going To Rule Smart Clothing World?

Jabil has quite impressively gathered experts from different areas of the wearable tech into one platform for this innovation.

Is Jabil Peak+ an ultimate answer for Smart Clothing revolution?

The first step towards success is the acquisition of Clothing+. It is a Finnish outfit company that has decades of knowledge in manufacturing textile-related technologies for big names like Adidas, Salomon, Philips and Garmin.

The most well-known project of Clothing+ was the manufacturing of Adidas miCoach Elite system. It was used by the hosts of the 2014 World Cup and was also worn by the winning team; Germany.

Is Jabil Peak+ an ultimate answer for Smart Clothing revolution?

Apart from the acquisition of the Finnish giant, Jabil has also partnered with Suunto, sports watch makers, to build a wireless transmitter for Peak+. The transmitter would be used to send the data from the clothing sensors to the connected app.

Is Jabil Peak+ an ultimate answer for Smart Clothing revolution?

The third phase of the famous partnership is with Firstbeat. It is a heart rata data analysis providing company. The famous watches and bands like Garmin Forerunner 630, Samsung Gear S, and Sony SmartBand 2 use the analysis by this firm.

The back to back partnerships of the company for just building a perfect tech tell us a lot about the future of this passionate company.

What Is The Exact Aim Of Jabil?

Jabil actually wants to reduce the time to convert the idea from paper into real clothing brand. The company’s motive is to help other firms, which are struggling to fit technology in smart clothing.

Apart from the improvisation of performance, Jabil is working on making products fashionable and healthy. This implies that apart from the fitness tracking, activity tracking and health monitoring, Jabil is also focused on developing lifestyle changing habits.

Currently, the clothing sector is quite expensive. With companies like Jabil, trying to connect industry’s maestros in one platform will definitely be a plus for the Smart Clothing industry.

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