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Is India Open To Sports Wearables With The Intro Of “The Football Mind Drill”?

Is India Open To Sports Wearables With The Intro Of "The Football Mind Drill"?

India is one of those countries which are fast adopting new technology in sports. There used to be a time when only cricket was the highlight of the country. But new technology, innovations and their adoption is fast affecting the sports scene in the region.

Starting from the Hawk Eye System or Decision Review System in Cricket to Goal Line technology in football, games are changing bit by bit with the use of new devices and technologies. In order to improve sports and to track and analyze the skills of the players, countries worldwide are using wearable tech.

Tech wearables have just entered the Indian sports market and are gathering an over-whelming response from the professionals, nationwide. As mentioned, most of the sports associations are using the sports tech and whole of the teams are satisfied with them. However, the high cost and the extra price of the wearable tech is making it impossible for mass adoption in India. This is because not all of the relevant sports authorities are adopting the tech.

Similarly, India is most concerned with cricket. Other sports are being neglected high time due to the lack of finds. This is another reason which makes the wearable tech a red zone for sports professionals in India.

Not all sports clubs can afford to get wearable tech, but almost every sports company and athlete is interested in adopting it. To overcome this weakness, The Football Mind has decided to make wearable common for every Indian athlete. The solution is the company’s recent wearable called ‘The Football Mind’s Drill’ (TFM Drill).

TFM Drill provides users with different tracking choices such as sprint counts, distance covered, speed mapping, sprints, player comparison matrix, speed zones, and heat maps, etc. The device is meant to be worn on the back. The trainer or the coach will create different drill sessions. Afterwards, every player will be assigned with a particular session important for him.

After collecting the data it is synced to an Android app with the help of a Bluetooth. The data will be uploaded on the server and the coach, player and everyone concerned can see and analyze the report.

The Football Mind is currently also looking for funding to carry out the wearable manufacturing and production. However, the funding and the proper investment is still a problem. While, most of the population is adopting sports other than cricket, no one is interested to invest even a bit on the production and the adoption.

Rohit Narayan, COO and the Co-Founder of The Football Mind said upon the lack of funding;

“In this current trend Investors are keen to fund in developing products of mass appeal. For firms focused in sports, the consumer base is limited yet growing. Unlike the matured international market which benefit from dedicated fan base and religious following of sport events, the Indian   market is yet to mature to the level that can offer consistent growth    (barring cricket of course). This makes the investment environment       volatile and conservative.”

In order to improve the condition and to attract investors into the sports, Narayan also said that there are two significant aspects which should be focused by the sports companies. First point is that they should have a product that is valuable and have worth for the users and the other is that they should provide a 360 degree solution to all the stakeholders of the sport.

Commenting on his initiative, Rohit Narayan further said;

“At The Football Mind, we have built a product that encompasses a        solution for every stakeholder of Football and we reckon the importance  of engaging fans and making them feel one with the club or player they   support. This in turn is mutually beneficial for the clubs, players and  fans.”

The wearables and the technologies that are taking birth in India are capable of applauds and appreciation. However, only with proper funding and technical support do these products can turn into reality.

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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