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Is Apple Watch capable of burning your wrists?

Apple Watch burned the wrist

The Apple Watch has been very popular since the day of its release. We have heard a lot about it already but the new news has left us all shocked and bewildered.


According to an upsetting claim by a Danish man, Apple Watch has badly scorched his arm. The man also has proper witness to prove its stance. The witness and the man who claimed are pretty sure that the reason behind the burn is definitely the Apple Watch and no other factor. But, if we see the pictures provided by the victim closely, we can observe that the burn is around the Watch’s Milanese Loop band rather than the watch itself.

Apple Watch burned the wrist

Apple has itself claimed that it was not the watch that burned the wrist but the external actors were responsible for the damage. The reason that the company gave is that there are no electronics involved in the band. It implies that there is no way for a burn to occur when there are no electrons involved.

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Also, when the tests were performed on the watch, it turned out pretty well. Apple has been constantly saying that the burns were not due to the wearable but due to the external factor. However, we do not know that which external factor may be responsible of burning a man’s wrists under the expensive watch band.

Apple Watch burned the wrist

An explanation that seems genuine to the issue, can be, that the skin of the victim has a reaction to the material of the metallic band. But, this is the only speculated reason and Apple has not approved it yet. Apple has deliberately stepped away from the issue by leaving a very long review stating everything In the Cupertino’s favor. Obviously, the user will get tired reading such a lengthy, good-for-nothing response. So, it is of no value.

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All other issues on one side and on the other side it is very serious to know that Apple Watch has serious combustion problems. Well! All the owners, It is advised to protect your wrists from this painful damage!!




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