Thursday, May 30, 2024

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iOS 12 Public BETA Is Available for Download

You should be prepared for a lot of animated emojis with the new memoji feature. Although it is not possible to make use of shortcuts for Siri until the software’s final version is out for public and that is expected to be available around fall this year.
If you are too eager to transform yourself into a cartoon character then it’s your time now. Public beta version of Apple’s iOS 12 can be downloaded now and its Memoji feature is one of the most noticeable features.
This iPads and iPhone software are going to be finalized sometime around this fall and it will be available for download then. But anyone who is too impatient to wait until then, can sign up in public beta program of Apple and enjoy early access to the unfinished version of iOS 12 from this Monday.
Apple releases its brand-new software for mobile in June every year at Worldwide Developers Conference. The operating system is unveiled to the developers to develop applications before its release usually in September. 3 years ago, in 2015, Apple made it possible for the public to test these operating systems with iOS 8.3. This early offering of software to the users as well as the developers helps in catching more bugs and drawbacks of the software.
One of the prominent features is for the users of iPhone X as the Animoji app has gotten an update. With this update, you can turn yourself into a memoji that resemble you, transform yourself into a wraith or dinosaur or even take your tongue out. Your memoji can be put over your body and replace your face during FaceTime conversations.
The Screen Time applications let you know the time you have been using your smartphone for. In addition to that, it also lets you know of what applications you are using and how frequently you are unlocking your phone.
Other noticeable features, new or updated, include “For You” tab for photos sharing, better control of notifications and their delivery etc.
The final version of iOS 12 is coming out this fall and with it, all these features will be running smoothly on it. Not a lot is expected to be different in the final version from this beta public release.

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