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IOFIT Providing Smart Golf Coaching via Smart Shoes In Real-Time

IOFIT is a two-in-one solution presenting with a coaching application and smart wearable shoes provided by Salted Venture.

It aims to provide the consumer an accurate real-time analysis of one’s balance measured by the pressure sensors embedded under the sole of shoes.

With the invention of IOFIT smart golf shoes, they become the first of their kind, helping golfers quickly and smartly improve their game. The highly sensitive pressure sensors measures your balance and weight shift while the connectivity through Bluetooth seamlessly transfer the data to the pairing designed app.

Salted Venture CEO Hyungjin Cho stated, “In the past, one had to receive costly coaching lessons or buy overpriced equipment for professional feedback and golfing posture analysis. Now, with a pair of shoes and a mobile app, one can improve golfing skills efficiently and effectively.”

The wearable is designed in a way that it picks up even smallest changes in pressure distribution within a span of no time. An additional quality is water-proof nature and design of sensors, making it suitable to withstand a good weight gradient up to 150 kg.

IOFIT has been produced by a finest manufacturers who ensured that the shoes comes with great quality, comfortable design, light weight and durability and a color choice option.

The IOFIT mobile app gives insights about data such as pressure distribution, left-right balance, front/back balance and much more where you can also receive guidelines through your personal and instant feedback. The ability to communicate and share with your friends, the app gives a huge option to coach and guide others via its voice-over and drawing tools.

Anoosha Iqbal
A medic-in-making by day, an enthusiast for crazy side projects by night.

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