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InvenSense announces unique fitness tracking sensor

For all those people who are fan or who want to switch to some high-impact sports there is something very exciting in store for you. InvenSense has created a motion sensor which is designed to serve the purpose of tracking data during high-impact sports.

The company says that the sensor has its new system on chip (SoC) technology. This technology along with the axis integrated sensor gives twofold accelerometer and gyroscope tracking capacity. It will help in better monitoring activities related to specific sports such as football, basketball and basic running.


InvenSense’s vice president of marketing and product management, Eitan Edina told that the high impact sports can dilute the gyroscope and accelerometer at the point of touch or during extremely high rotation rate. The new sensor helps in resolving this issue. It will help in solving various applications which are faced during concussion analysis.

The one benefit which I can conclude from this sensor is that the inclusion of this sensor in various other fitness tracking high-end products would help in upgrading towards the ultra sensitive tracking and keeping the accurate and exact data. This sensor if paired with new sports-based wearables like the Misfit Speedo Shine and the LifeBeam cycling helmet can help in the above mentioned tracking through its unique technology.

Another plus point is that the ICM-20601 SoC has programmable accelerometer sensor and gyroscope. It means that the brands who wish to adopt this sensor can select from the line-up of motion they wish to include in their gadgets.  Also, a few days ago London’s National Football league announced that it is going to fit every player will motion tracking sensors. InvenSense’s SoC is the sensor that would provide useful data for such sports organizations. We do not even know for sure if NFL was talking about this exact device or just wanted outline such sensor. Anyhow, now they can fulfill their wish by buying this sensor.

According to InvenSense the chip has entered the mass selling phase. So we can expect some quality motion tracking in near future.

Let us know n the comment sections your view about this upcoming technology. Stay in touch for more news relevant to the topic..

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