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Interview with Andy Jackson, MuscleSound President and CEO

Startups are taking the lead in sports wearable. The aim of this series is introduce and let the CEO’s introduce their products.

Muscle Sound Twitter Bio:

Using ultrasound we can measure muscle fuel and MuscleHealth in a rapid, non-invasive method within seconds. 

About Andy Jackson:

Andy Jackson brings more than 20 years of relevant experience, having worked extensively in the wearable technology, sports and fitness industries. He joined MuscleSound in 2015 as the director of business development. Prior to MuscleSound, Jackson served as the CEO of CloudTag, distributor of wearable fitness trackers, and lead new product development, sales and marketing for the FitPro group, the largest global professional association of fitness leaders.

Andy Jackson MuscleSound

In simple words, how are you different to your competitors?

MuscleSound is unique in its use of ultrasound to look into the very fabric of your MuscleHealth. We provide unique measurements that detail your MuscleHealth via glycogen and fuel diagnostics in a non-invasive way. Our competitors would have to do so via Muscle Biopsies or very expensive NMR machines. We also provide sports teams and athletes with real-time data that can help them recover and be ready for play by taking images of their major muscle groups via our cloud based software.

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What is the best aspect of your product that you are really proud of?

I am really proud that our team and individual reports have been used to help teams, such as the U.S. Women’s Track Cycling team, win medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and also by the highest level of sports teams. I am also excited about how our technology is being used in the wider healthcare market to improve the quality of life for patients and lessen the chances of them being readmitted into the hospital.

What are your thoughts on the growth of technology in health and fitness industry?

It is logical that technology would be the next step for the health and fitness industry but like all new things, adoption is mixed. How long can we allow our clients to receive advice and programming based largely on guesswork and inaccurate devices? Medicine does not shake its patient’s arm to determine their health, so why do we when trying to determine how much activity our client is achieving? It’s no wonder that much of this technology ends up in an empty drawer. The next wave of millennials who will buy personal training and the health and fitness services will expect more advanced, accurate technology, and those who provide and adopt it will win. Advice based on what is actually happening in the fabric of the body to guarantee results will become the norm. Technology to support motivation in the group setting seems to be very popular right now, but really seeing your heart rate on a big screen only shows a part of what is happening at the moment in time. Understanding what’s happening within your body through technology will become common practice in the years to come. Motivation and truly guaranteed results will be needed to avoid complaints from customers, and MuscleSound is ready to play its part in evidencing those results.

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What is next for Muscle Sound?

MuscleSound is branching out to support the work of sports medicine doctors, physical therapists and performance coaches through a series of new diagnostic measurements aimed at aiding a clearer picture and solutions to clients MuscleHealth. We are also beginning our latest clinical trials to support our developments within healthcare.

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