Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Intel’s Voke Is The Gate Towards The New Virtual Sports World

Intel's Voke Is The Gate Towards The New Virtual Sports World

Many few people know about the usage of Virtual Reality or VR in sports. Nonetheless, it is currently the hot topic amongst the virtual gamers but hasn’t gained momentum amongst the sports masses. However, nothing and no one could stop Intel from venturing into this tech with its second startup, Voke.

Voke, according to Intel, is the “immersive sports experiences”. The company has declared that it officially is the owner of Voke tech which is considered to be bringing “live, virtual reality experiences to consumers.”

James Carwana, the general manager of Intel’s Sports Group, in a blog post teased the technology as:

“Imagine being able to witness a slam dunk from the defender’s perspective or the defensive rush from the quarterback’s perspective. This kind of experience may sound futuristic, but it’s closer than you think.”

Voke with the help of stereoscopic cameras and paired lens capture the events like the Final Four and New York Fashion Week. After capturing them through its fine lenses, Voke will allow the users to watch them with their choice of perspective.

Voke’s perspective of the world can easily be viewed through the Web, phones, PC, along with the compatible VR headsets. The company partnered with Oculus and Facebook to broadcast the NCAA men’s basketball final in 3D.

Intel’s upcoming technology – Voke – would be a testament of the better future of the sports technologies and their virtualistic broadcast implementations. It won’t be a unique but one of its kind startup to break through the barriers of traditional Smart TVs broadcasting to the world of Virtual Reality.

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