The Director of Sports Performance Technology in the Olympic technology group at Intel, Jonathan Lee says, “It ’s like having your own personal commentator point things out to you in the race.”

In Eugene, Ore., during NBC’s broadcast of the 100-meter trials, the AI showed how Sha’Carri Richardson hit 24.1 miles per hour at her peak. And later slowed to 20.0 mph. While Richardson’s runner-up hit a maximum speed of 23.2 miles per hour and slowed to 20.4 mph at the finish line.

Although the Intel’s 3D Athlete Tracking Technology is limited to the track-and-field events at this year’s games. But a similar system can be set up for a variety of sports. In fact, this technology can be implemented in gym training sessions, athletes’ training sessions, and in stadiums during live sessions to enhance spectator viewership of the match.



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