Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Intel Technology taking NBA’s 2017 to next level with First Drone Assist to Aaron Gordon

As part of NBA festivities, during the 2017 Verizon Slam Dunk contest, NBA forward Aaron Gordon and Intel wowed viewers by joining hands on the first slam dunk with help from an unlikely team-member, which was a drone powered by Intel Technology.

However, the drone took flight and dropped a ball which bounced off the court with Gordon taking the ball in between his legs, dunking the ball. Gordon required four attempts to complete the dunk and on the dunk he made, he gained 38 out of 50 points which were not enough to carry him into the final round.

Although Gordon was not able to win the competition but his amazing performance was included in one of the most highly technical dunk ever witnessed during NBA slam dunk contest. Gordon’s performance was undoubtedly inspiring and his showmanship was portrayed in full force powered by Intel Technology.

As Gordon said in one of his interviews that, he basically wanted to incorporate technology, doing something unique and creative. Therefore, he was very excited to collaborate with Intel. Gorgon wanted to keep things original, avoiding doing anything gimmicky. Gordon approached Intel with his innovative idea of competing in the first ever drone assisted slam dunk and Intel supported him in his quest of great dunk attempt, all hands down.

The drone powered by Intel Technology provided assist that of a fully-redundant hexicopter that has flight time of 26 minutes, weighs less than 11 pounds and could carry payload of around 4.4 pounds. It was designed with keeping great safety in mind and is also resistant against any point of flaw. Intel is basically committed to bring new innovations and capabilities to the drone ecosystem. The main objective of Intel is to utilize technology in order to generate great experiences for the users and to think of ways to improvise their products.


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