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Intel powered 90Fun Smart Sports Shoes – perfect partner for athletes!


The Intel powered smart sneakers, 90Fun Smart Sports Shoes are perfect athletic footware. Specifically designed for fitness loving, tech-forward athletes they feature amazing shock absorbing soles that are water resistant and anti-slip. The 90Fun Smart Sports Shoes have sensors to detect if the user is walking, running, cycling or even climbing.

It can enhance the performance of user, workout and fitness regimens by miles by tracking the minor details, connecting, storing and syncing them to phones via bluetooth and ultimately improving pace and performance.

The highly modified Intel Curie chip sit almost invisibly in the shoe and stores all the data in real time and counts steps taken, distance covered, speed and calories burned. Overall, it works better than a fitness band or a smart watch.

The soul of 90Fun Smart Sports Shoes is a coin sized Intel Curie chip, having a 6-axis sensor, accelerometer and a gyroscope. It carries a battery life of 60 days or an average of 800 km of distance, and can store all data and transfer it over the phone while being connected with Mi Home App.

It sports a cutting-edge, stylish design which features Anti-bacterial soles, heel cushioning, high sole elasticity, TPU Cup shape, impact cushions, super breathable mesh, ergonomic arch support, shock absorbing and anti-slip and wear resistance outer sole. The 90Fun Smart Sports Shoes are made from multiple layers of foam-like material that provide total comfort and long lasting durability. The super breathable mesh cloth keeps shoe light weight, soft and perfectly suitable for both daily wear and fitness training.

The 90Fun Smart Sports Shoes offers special blue edition variant shoe features reflective high-vis materials on the shoe bottom, back, and laces, making runners more visible at night.

It is available at $99 for a limited time, early bird offer.


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