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Intel and NFL Introduces freeD Technology for Immersive Highlights of 2017 Season


Intel in collaboration with NFL are devising new strategies to provide the viewers with better and better NFL experience. For the 2017 season, Intel and NFL has introduced the Intel® freeD™ technology in 11 NFL stadiums. The stadiums are equipped with thirty-eight 5K ultra high-definition cameras which will capture and catch the greatest plays and moves from every angle and corner. This helps the viewers to replay their favourite moments and highlights of the match in a more immersive, 360 degree view.

This freeD technology was already installed at the home stadiums of San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens. Intel is now expanding and building those existing installations. It has been working with 8 new teams of NFL, appending a freeD technology based stadium to a single division in NFC and AFC.


The 8 newly equipped stadiums with freeD technology include the home stadiums of the following NFL teams:

  • Carolina Panthers
  • Minnesota Vikings (site of Super Bowl LII)
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • New England Patriots
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Washington Redskins

In order to review the games at the freeD technology-enabled stadiums, fans will have the access to share the highlights from the NFL cell-phone app, NFL.com, NFL YouTube channel and from digital offerings of the NFL team. Fans will also have the access to the viewing of the enhanced replays at the stadiums themselves for a closer look at the action going on in the field at that time.

Intel and the NFL are delivering more immersive replays to football fans with freeD technology now in the home stadiums of 11 NFL teams. Thirty-eight 5K ultrahigh-definition cameras are installed in each stadium to capture immersive, 360-degree replays and player perspectives. Intel Xeon servers and PCs process up to 1 terabyte of data per 15- to 30-second clip. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

“By expanding freeD to more teams across the NFL, we’re empowering fans to see every side of the play and relive the excitement of game-changing moments,” said James Carwana, general manager of Intel Sports. “During Super Bowl LI, fans experienced a pivotal play from the quarterback’s point of view. Seeing key plays up close and from new perspectives is redefining what it means to watch the game.”

Vishal Shah, SVP, Digital Media at the NFL said, “We’re thrilled to bring this innovative content to NFL fans both in stadium and at home with freeD technology.” He also added, “Partnering with Intel has enabled a new way for fans to experience the excitement of our game. The vision of this technology to place the viewer anywhere on the field has the potential to be impactful across multiple areas of the League.”

For sport fans this is a magnificent chance to experience the enthralling plays in a more immersive and detailed way. In addition to all of this, the stadiums are equipped with high speed servers that process almost 1TB of data per 15-30 seconds of clip. After the data has been captured, the video is fed to the special control room through miles of fiber-optic cables, where the production team at Intel recreates the selected clip virtually into 3D from a vantage point that’s ideal and the player’s perspective so that fans can experience the game from angles and viewpoints that the stereotypical cameras can’t show.

The Intel freeD production team virtually re-creates a selected NFL game clip in 3D from an ideal vantage point or player’s perspective. After 38 5K ultra-high definition cameras capture a play, the volumetric video is fed through more than five miles of fiber-optic cables to the control room where it is processed on Intel Xeon servers and finalized for distribution. (Credit: Intel Corporation)