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Intel And EXOS To Unveil A New Level Of Data Collected By Wearable Devices

ntel And EXOS To Unveil A New Level Of Data Collected By Wearable DevicesWearables are the latest trend in the world of sports, athletics, health and wellbeing. However, we cannot truly understand the role of the data provided yet. If we go into the latest data provided by the fitness bands in the average, there are about 10,000 steps which an individual take per day. But that depends on upon the continuity and the goals set based on which you walk.

But it is still important to note that how would you be able to understand and comprehend all the data provided by Jawbone, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin etc. How would you be able to increase your fitness with the help of data provided? A majority does not understand the data provided by the bands and do not know how to improve their health. This is why Intel and EXOS have paired together to make the data gathered by the wearable devices more useful for the users.

Intel and EXOS have collaborated since 2008 to work for corporate wellness. The former knows that the employees work better and are more productive when their health is to the point. EXOS has been fulfilling these needs for the company. EXOS is an expert in human performance and has developed a corporate wellness program for the Intel employees. Now, the new partnership is meant for broadening the fitness landscape further.

ntel And EXOS To Unveil A New Level Of Data Collected By Wearable Devices

Sandra Lopez, Vice President of Strategic Devices and Business Development for Intel’s New Devices Group in a statement said that;

“Intel delivers technology with functionality and EXOS provides expertise on human performance and biodynamics so the two companies will work to develop industry education programs and enhance corporate wellness programs as well as combine their expertise to inform the development of future Intel-based fitness products to deliver a valuable user experience with meaningful, quantifiable data”.

The first level of this partnership will be to continue education courses for certified trainers in order to teach them the pros and cons of the data provided by the wearable devices. As per the data provided by the American Council on Exercise, 72% of trainers are asked by their clients for insight and feedback on their wearable devices, but only 51% are prepared to answer those questions. This is why Intel and EXOS are preparing trainers to provide all the answers related to wearable tech including all the details regarding step counting, calorie counting and the amount of slumber required per day etc to the users.

Intel and EXOS are ready to change the wearable scene forever. So the people jumping into the fitness wearable bandwagon aimlessly will be able to understand the data without any problem. The data and information will now become easier, understandable and reason worthy.


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