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Insta360 Pro, Revolting The Future Of VR Film Making

GoPro Omni is a one stop solution for a high-end 360-degrees camera to create VR videos that won’t cost an arm and length and is equivalent to six GoPros working together.

The all-in-one options are provided by High (Nokia OZO) and low (Gear 360) ends, whereas the Insta360 Pro is all set to readily fill up that gap, available only for 3,499$, with Air and Nano options that can be used by both iphone and android users to upload 360 videos on social networks, or by YouTubers , V-loggers and small newsrooms.

Inst360 comes with an attractive, user-friendly design and six 200-degree lenses. It works on three modes, viz still, live streaming and video.

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The photo and video quality is excellent with bright, vivid colors and can be experienced quite quickly after creating. It can stitch together 8K 3D images and 4K 3D videos automatically, which can save up a lot of time. Only drawback being, you’ve to stitch the 6K 3D video yourself using a desktop software.

Insta360 is easy to configure through QR code, light weighted, can be attached with a drone to get an aerial view or a normal tripod. It also offers a live preview which lets the user see what they’re going to shoot.

Insta360 is definitely an excellent option that fills up the slot between high range and low range products, erasing as many hurdles it can to provide an ultimate VR film making experience. If it can achieve a widespread use amongst YouTubers, small newsrooms etc, we will be able to enjoy a better quality content on our VR headsets.

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