Monday, January 30, 2023

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Innovative Products That Can Help You In Improving Your Yoga Practices

Technology has made its way into all aspects of our lives from health and fitness to entertainment. Monitoring our yogas and workouts is easier than ever with innovative and improved products hitting the market every other day. Gone are the days when smart wearables were only used to track cycling and sprinting, as now you can find wearables and other set of technologies designed specifically for almost any kind of sports. Here are some of these products which can help you in improving your yoga practice.


Nadi X by Wearable X are Smart wearable yoga pants specially designed for yoga and relaxing. These pants are interconnected with multiple sensors which help you in correcting your yoga postures with the help of its feedback mechanism. The feedback you receive runs through your smartphones with all the data provided by the sensors. This data is analyzed in there to see if you are in the right posture or not and the feedback your receive is based on this information.


Breath! Is designed to solve the life long problem of yogis to get their breathing right during a yoga session. Inhaling and exhaling patterns of the wearer are examined and analyzed by their smart electronic garments full of body sensors and accelerometers. Real time feedback is provided visually to the reader about their respiration rate.


Latest version of the Apple watch comes with many amazing features. One of which is monitoring your yoga and giving you a feedback about your performance. Apple Watch 4 has all corners covered when it comes to enabling its users in monitoring their yoga in real time. The watch doesn’t make any noise during yoga to keep the users from getting distracted. The data is only available to the user once the workout is complete.


An yoga mat powered by AI sounds like something from future but may be that is exactly what we are in right now. This mat provides the yogi with data and information in real time that could help them in changing their postures and adjusting their breathing rate.


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