Thursday, September 28, 2023

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InhomeSports Brings Your Personal Trainer Into Your Smartphone

InhomeSports came into existence with a very interesting story. Its CEO Michael Krouse, golf fanatic, used to be dragged out of his golf course every now and then by his beloved wife. No matter how eagerly he wanted to spend more time practicing with his trainer, it was becoming impossible.

To make things easier, he realized he needed a two way communication source to stay in contact with his trainer remotely and, sadly, none existed. That how his idea of this innovative and efficient, two-way, live streaming app that allows users to connect with golf and fitness trainers remotely came into being.

InhomeSports lets its users connect with their trainers from their homes, offices or even vacation destinations! It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

According to the genius co-founder and CEO, Michael Krouse, “We’re the first that I know of in the app world to do tele-presence commerce: to allow someone who has something to give and they get paid for that being where they need to be, whether that’s being home with their family or traveling or whatever. And then for students, I can get better wherever I’m at.”

The app features trainers according to the type of sports/exercise such as –yoga, golf, weight lifting, etc. It also has the feature of selecting a trainer based on proximity to the user. Some instructors offer group lessons to enhance your interaction with other eager athletes in your niche.

“We have a ton of fitness instructors: yoga, soccer, sports performance,” Krouse said. “And if you’re a gym owner, we’re just an enhancement. We’re not taking over. The instructors just want a place to teach and students just want an easy way to learn, and we provide it.”

You can find trainers from the most expensive hourly rates to the least expensive rates. You can look up for the details of the instructor by clicking on his/her profile. You can book
sessions of a minimum of 10 min to as long as 50 or more min. you can choose your own feasible dates and payment method is via PayPal.

When new instructors join the app, one of the team members from InhomeSports meet the instructor in person to know him/her and verify his acclaimed capabilities.

To sum up, the idea is definitely innovative and new to the market and is selling out like anything.

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