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Index S2: A New Smart Scale by Garmin


It was suspected for long now that Garmin has been working on the next generation of its Index Scale. New filing at FCC have confirmed this news few days ago by also revealing the name of the successor.

The inaugural generation of the Index scale had to go through the agony of connectivity problems. These problems were taken care of eventually. Other major complain by users was that of Garmin Connect app only remembering the most recent measuring for the daily weigh-in. This meant that measuring your weight cleared the previous result of the day with the new measured figures. Users did not like the idea of this as many are used to of taking multiple weight readings throughout the day under different circumstances. This issue was eventually resolved as well with a software update earlier this year.

However, this still does not change the fact that Index Scale was launched 5 years ago back in 2015 and an update in the generation of the product was long overdue. The launch of second generation has been rumoured for a very long time now with the initial reports coming in last year with the launch of a software leak. This gave away the first impressions of what Garmin might be planning to launch during coming few months.

Few days ago, a listing at FCC has formally confirmed the name of upcoming scale, Garmin Index S2. The original Garmin Index Scale not only measures body mass but also Body Mass Index, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Water Percentage and Body Fat Percentage. It is yet to be confirmed what we will see in its successor, the Garmin Index S2. Only information about this upcoming smart scale we have as of now is that it will run on 4 AAA sized batteries. We can expect to see more accurate and precise readings, improved metrics and may be even some new features.

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