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Increasing Focus on Non Live Content In The Indian Sports Landscape

A report from ESP Properties and SportzPower is suggesting that India will now be focusing more on non live content especially in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

A growing sports industry in India:

Sponsor ship of the sports industry in India has grown by 14% in 2017. A number of reasons are responsible for this. The most significant however is the increased use of technology in sports and the creation of non live content. A steadily growing competitive attitude has also led to a greater reliance on wearables which provide in depth data analysis which promise an edge to the user. This competition is fueled by a focus of start ups on sports which led to 63.4% sports tech companies being founded within the last 3 years. Even though cricket is still by far the biggest sport in India, other sports are also gaining interest and sponsorship. Football sponsorship grew by 64% last year. Like the IPL in cricket, many new franchise based leagues are being launched for other non conventional sports. Five such franchise leagues have been launched namely; Ultimate Table tennis, Super Boxing League, Super Fight League, Cue Slam and P1 Power Boating.

Focus on Non Live Content in Indian Sports:

Non live content which is streamed as a supplement to the live sporting event is greatly produced in the US. Many believe it will greatly improve the sports landscape in India and prove to be a game changer. The values of the non live content may seem very insignificant to the values of the live content. However, it is believed to help connect all the stakeholders including the fans in the ground, those sitting at home and those streaming it online. It will also help establish a greater connection between the fans and athletes by content that is created which follows players out of the ground. It also aims at creating a better understanding of the game among the fans.

Anoosha Iqbal
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