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Increase your Muscle stimulation with Antelope!

Increase your Muscle stimulation without any ugly appearances!

Indiegogo has yet again got a new campaign which certainly impresses us all. Wearable and Smart clothing is affecting us all with its genuine approach towards our betterment. Recently, a new campaign has yet again stunned us all with its amazing implications. The wearable shirt called as the Antelope Muscle Activation Smartsuit struck the Indiegogo by full force.

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The original Smartsuit campaign ended on December 12, at 840-percent funded but it is still “In Demand” due to features which attract many. Antelope has definitely tried to attract audience by giving one after another explanation for its cool gear. The idea Smartsuit follows is based on simple EMS technology. At first, the shirt, pants and the shorts won’t look much of what the company claims. They seem like any clothing piece with compression wear, appealing logo and some very nice cuts. The gear is made of a four-way stretched, easy to wash fabric.

Increase your Muscle stimulation without any ugly appearances!

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The new wearable isn’t attractive for its looking and whatsoever. The Smartclothing is attractive because it has special electrodes which are fitted directly into the fabric. The electrodes are all positioned over the major muscle groups which forms the basic parts of body. There is a booster with stimulation frequencies between 1-5,000Hz. It is water-resistant and has battery life of four hour. The booster will communicate and convey important information to you with the help of Bluetooth. With the help of a Smartphone app, you can change stimulation and training programs as per your choice.

The t-shirt is designed in such a way that it covers all the basic muscle building parts of the body. The belly, back, glutes, chest, thighs, and arms are all hidden by the shirt. The “tank” focuses on you core and strengthens it. The team behind the wearable, Antelope Club, also claimed that the tank can rectify your posture without any uneasiness and prevents major injuries in return.

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Increase your Muscle stimulation without any ugly appearances!

The shorts seem like coming out of a fairy tale for all women. They promise to tighten and adjust all the lower body areas due to which your shape is becoming problematic. The additional pair of calf wraps is meant to improve sprint and jump skills, muscular endurance, and movement efficiency. The wraps are also recommended for blood clot prevention and dense muscle regeneration. The main benefit to come out of this gear is that there are many people who face circulation problems. The electrode stimulation adjusts perfectly behind their normal clothing and will help them in improving circulation.

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The company also claims that the gear “increase performance up to 30 percent, jumping ability up to 20 percent, muscle volume up to 10 percent” in four weeks. The Antelope suit with a charger, a webinar training session and an eight-channel booster sets you back $1,350. The suit is expected to come out in February, 2016 but the shipments might delay too.

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