Improve you Putting with Steadihead


Steadihead is a simply but useful sports wearable device that you can buy today to improve your putting skills.  It helps align the eyes over the ball, let you see the true line of the putt and train golfers to focus on the shot and stay still through the course of action.

It does it by projecting a laser beam straight down to the ball and in the direction of the roll of the ball. As a result, a visual view will be created thus guiding the player accurately.

Along with this simple mechanism, It also has a safety feature that laser beam deactivates if the user head is raised into a normal upright position. The laser gets activated automatically when the user’s head bends back down into an active, or normal putting position.

Becoming a better golfer gets a lot easier!

If you are US, you can buy one today for $129.95 directly from their website. We are not sure if it is easily available in Canada, Europe or Asia so if you get to know more details, feel free to use the comments below to update us!


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