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Improve Sleep, Perform Better With The Help Of Intelligent Wearable- Oura Ring

There are many sleep, activity and fitness trackers available today. No doubt, many of them are helpful in various ways, but, some of them don’t provide us with the detailed analytics and information we would love to see.

Improve Sleep, Perform Better With The Help Of Intelligent Wearable- Oura Ring

Titled as the “world’s first wellness ring,” the Oura Ring is a simple sleep and activity monitor that hides all the fitness elements inside the ring. You won’t even have a tag all around you claiming that you are wearing a tracking wearable. The Oura Ring is just another ring. Right? NO! Before I tell you about what this ring is, the Oura was declared the “Best Of Innovation 2016” in the Consumers Electronic Show this year.

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The Oura Ring monitors your sleep balance, relaxation, activities, and all the recoveries after injury with the help of a simple computer. The Ōura ring was developed by Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen and Ōura co-founder and CTO Kari Kivelä. The founders have claimed that the ring is made from the pure zirconium ceramic which is waterproof and is even harder than the steel. However, you won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Improve Sleep, Perform Better With The Help Of Intelligent Wearable- Oura Ring

In order to do all the necessary tracking, Oura Ring has incorporated an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, medical-grade pulse-oximeters to measure blood-volume pulse, and sleep trackers. All the fitness measuring devices are laboratory-level and certified. The Oura Ring has a compatible iOS or Android app, but the Smartphone isn’t mandatory to run it.

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The ring has a memory buffer and downloads to the phone when it is nearby. The app gives personalized recommendations, including a suggestion for the best time to go to bed, as well as which form of exercise to do. It also displays a ‘readiness score,’ where readiness reveals a person’s ability to perform at their best physically and mentally. The score is displayed as a percentage based on the sensor data, physiological signals, and sleep and activity patterns.

Improve Sleep, Perform Better With The Help Of Intelligent Wearable- Oura Ring

Petteri Lahtela, Ōura CEO regarding the product said that;

“We wanted to create a product so effortless and comfortable that people would wear it 24/7. The unique combination of form factor, latest high-end technology and deep understanding of human physiology applied to groundbreaking algorithms makes Ōura the only product capable of interpreting your body responses in different situations. Ōura can help you understand how your body reacts to your lifestyle and behavior. By combining your subjective feedback of how you feel with physiological and behavior data measured by the ring, it provides you with actionable insights that help in increasing your readiness to perform at your best, and balance your life.”

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The Oura Ring is priced at £150 ($229). It has an internal battery that charges in 30 to 60 minutes and runs about three days. The ring’s presentation box also acts as a charger. The color options available are white, gloss black, and matte black. You can order the ring from here.

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