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iHealth Wave – The Ultimate Swim Tracker

iHealth Wave is a swim tracker which doubles up as an activity tracker. When you want to get the right fitness tracker, the characteristic of water resistance can often by a deciding factor, especially when you are looking for a wearable for swimming. This device helps you in tracking swimming basically and also in setting goals.

Moreover, you can use smart alerts to wake up and motivate yourself. This device enables you to sync via Bluetooth Smart Technology to the iHealth MyVitals App. It comes with wristbands of four colors: coral, violet, black and smalt.

Its sleek elegant design makes it the perfect accessory at the office, gym or out on the town. The sporty, robust look is very functional and comfortable. It comes with two silicone bands and the strap secures with a classic watch buckle, stays firmly in place during the most rigorous workouts as well. It has a circular OLED touchscreen display, iHealth Wave stays off to save battery as well. Its battery type is lithium-polymer which will last up to almost seven days if it is fully charged. Charging method is by magnetic contractor and the device comes with proprietary charging cable which plugs into standard USB port.

The iHealth Wave does a pretty good job at keeping track of your movement, sleep and has good Apple Health app integration. One-touch automatic sync via Bluetooth and smart technology with free iHealth MyVitals App is used to track your activity and you can also share that with your friends or fitness instructor. You can also set goals and motivate yourself to achieve them throughout the day. It is fully integrated with the entire family of iHealth products to help you in understanding your healthy lifestyle.

Basically it covers all the basics when it comes to complete activity tracking. Swim tracking statistics, step and sleep tracking, everything is fairly accurate. It is a device that retails at a much lower price point than most of its competition.

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