ICEdot Crash Sensor Is Your Safety On Road!


We have time and again discusses various helmets which may protect your head against serious injuries. But, there is a possibility that the helmet will protect you from any deep harm but there is no guarantee that the knockout won’t leave you unconscious. This is why ICEdot Crash Sensor promises to alert your loved ones’ in case you crash your head at inappropriate time and place.

ICEdot Crash Sensor Is Your Safety On Road!

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The ICEdot Crash Sensor pairs with your Smartphone and as soon as there is a problem, it automatically sends a call for help. In case there is any accident, it detects the location with the help of GPS. After the alert and is sent and your emergency contact response, the system sends the medical information of the accident victim too,

The ICEdot sensor is mounted to the helmet. It is a sensor and not a helmet, so there are no restrictions on what helmet to wear and what not. Like all the other panic/ alert buttons available out there, the sensor also gives the user 30 seconds to shut down a clock countdown. If this timer is not canceled, the app will then send out a notification to all the user’s nominated emergency contacts, complete with GPS coordinates.

ICEdot Crash Sensor Is Your Safety On Road!

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The ICEdot sensor is not specifically aimed at cyclists, but it can be used by bikers, snowboarders, and skiers too. Anyone taking part in any sort of game which can risk their health can use this sensor for emergencies and protection.

The ICEdot Crash Sensor and the app will only cost you $100 and can be ordered from here and here.