Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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IBM Watson – AI Tech Employed at Wimbledon to serve up Aces!

Recently, IBM Watson – AI Tech Employed at Wimbledon to serving up Aces! Introduced by the tech giant and market leader, IBM, the IBM Watson is this new AI tool. It can watch Wimbledon across 18 courts simultaneously.

ibm watson AI

Changing dramatically the way sports are being played, this tool can create tennis highlights and results and stats packages within two minutes. As soon as the match ends, in only two minutes’ time, it will create the highlights. One of the tools that are transforming the world of sports and gaming, along with various other activity trackers, real-time performance measuring gadgets, and wearable tech devices.


 Each day four rounds are being played in 18 different courts at the same time. To record all of them simultaneously and to show their stats is almost impossible. And to give such rapid access to its footage to fans worldwide could be possible only with this new AI-based technology.
ibm watson


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