Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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i2c Inc. has Collaborated with Purewrist to Develop Contactless Payments via Wearables

This collaboration will bring with itself a never seen before solution for the market to make transaction with only a tap, eliminating the risk of any unnecessary contact. This method of contactless payment is being developed to be used at Transits, Retail Stores, Events, Malls and more.

i2c Inc. is a global leader in providing payment processing and digital banking technology. Just recently a collaboration was announced between Purewrist and i2c Inc. for the research and development of wearables to be used for contactless payment while making no compromise on the security of the protocol.

“i2c is thrilled to partner with Purewrist and its innovative product team to help them bring their vision to life, providing consumers with the ability and convenience of paying for products and services using state-of-the-art, eye-catching and functional wearable devices,” said Jim McCarthy. He serves as the President of i2c Inc.

“We were seeking a partner with a shared vision of flexible, reliable and globally scalable payments experiences. We chose i2c because of their longstanding reputation and single global platform, a necessity for us as we continue our global expansion,” said Ari Gardiner. “They are deeply committed to helping bring ground-breaking solutions to market quickly, have a demonstrated track record of platform availability, and offer a level of flexibility we can count on to pioneer new and exciting ways to enrich the lives of our customers.” He added. Mr. Gardiner is the co-founder of Purewrist.

Transactions can be made at NFC Contactless readers with the help of a smart wearable developed by Purewrist which goes by the name of Purewrist Go. Now easily configured platform offered by i2c Inc. will be accessed by Purewrist Go in order to make transactions smooth and seamless. The tap and go nature of these transactions will make it very useful specially during these times of social distancing.

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