Monday, April 22, 2024

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HYPE Sports and AuqaBloom Sports Group Join Hands to Explore the Chinese Market

AquaBloom Sports Group has around two decades of successful history in the sports industries of China, Asia and North America. With a number of IP Resources, deep rooted local and global networks and unparalleled knowledge: the platform offered by it has hell-bent in building the best link to work alongside International Sports IPs to amplify its achievements in the greater markets of China.

Hype grows their reach around the globe with their incomparable networks of companies around the world in this field with well over 40,000 members from federations, academia, sports clubs and brands. Roughly around 11,000 startups are also a part of it.

Dr. Ilan Hadar stated to press in a statement, “China is one of the most sports impassioned countries, growingly embedding key technologies into the sports infrastructure. A good example can be observed in the lead up for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. HYPE will use its global leadership in access to innovation to team up with AquaBloom Sports Group to bring best-in-class solutions to both sports fans and athletes. We are confident that AquaBloom’s already deployed local sports network in greater China will be the key to accelerating the partnership’s success.” He is the Chief Executive Officer of Hype.

Mike Yang said, “It’s a great pleasure that ABSG and HYPE have signed this meaningful exclusive partnership for the fast growing sports industry in Greater China! HYPE’s vision, mission and accumulated ability and resources in the field of sports technology and innovation is the finest in the world. Combined with ABSG’s know-hows, resources and expertise, I trust together we’ll make significant contributions and unique service/product offerings to fulfill the tremendous market needs to bring the world together with sports!” Mike is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AquaBloom Sports Group.

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