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Humon Wearable Sensor Wants To Optimize The Performance Of Endurance Athletes

With wearable technology already in rise with the big leagues accepting the addition and the use of the wearables by the teams, it seems that more and more companies are jumping into the scene. This time around Humon has taken the endurance athletes and their protection to its hands or more preferably sensors.

Humon is building a high-end sensor which will be reserved specifically for the endurance athletes. The optical sensor would be strapped to the thigh of the wearer, which will then measure the amount of oxygen used by the muscles of the athletes. The information will then be used to analyze the physical details of the wearer. The device will instantly provide data when the athlete needs to work harder or which aspects of his performance do he needs to optimize.

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Humon Wearable Sensor Wants To Optimize The Performance Of Endurance Athletes

The main reason behind the production of the humon wearable is that the athletes need to know about what’s happening with their bodies when they or when they intensely train. They constantly need to optimize and to improve their performance. Coming to the specialty of the wearable, the endurance athletes need to push themselves as hard as they can but keeping their energy and limits on the mind.

The only solution nowadays available for the endurance athletes to see if they are fit for intense exercises is to constantly test their blood to know how much they exerted on each session. This method is totally inconvenient. This is why Humon on-invasively measures the oxygen levels within the muscle in real-time; giving the athlete the benefits of the blood test every time they train.

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Humon Wearable Sensor Wants To Optimize The Performance Of Endurance Athletes

Humon is aimed specifically towards cyclists, triathletes, runners, cross-country skiers, and rowers etc. However, the company is currently focusing on polishing the produce and building a better solution for endurance athletes. Soon, the company would be heading to different other areas to solve the problems of the other sports players and all.

The humon sensor would be available with a mobile app. The app will synchronize all the data and will provide athletes with an insight and feedback on their training and on ways to improve them. There would be monthly app subscription in case the wearer wants to know more about his performance calculated by the wearable sensor. The additional details will include long-term training progression, and feedback to optimize warm-up and cool down etc.

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Humon Wearable Sensor Wants To Optimize The Performance Of Endurance Athletes
Humon Smartphone App

The hum sensor would be available for about $300 by the end of this summer. Being a finalist of the Techcrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield and winning the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Startup Competition has already given this wearable an edge over other available or soon coming endurance athletes wearables.

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