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Huawei’s GT2 Pro Sport Smartwatch comes with a 100+ Workout Modes!

The Huawei’s GT2 Pro Sport Smartwatch comes with a 100+ Workout Modes including 17 professional and the rest customized modes. Best of all, you can track your way across any mode you like with this smartwatch. Yet to be released any time soon, the GT2 Pro is an extended version of the previous Huawei’s GT2 smartwatch.


Elegant and Sleek Design

A very sophisticated design,the Huawei’s GT2 Pro is an excellent piece of craftsmanship. With a 1.39 inch AMOLED 454 x 454 HD touchscreen, its wear -resistant sapphire dial is enclosed in a titanium frame. Looks a solid design,and its totally comfortable and lightweight.

Suitable for a Variety of Sports

Huawei’s GT2 Pro is a smartwatch that youcan wear during training,workout and practice sessions for a variety of sports. Ideal for sports like skiing, sportsboarding and golf, this smartwatch can provide a detailed analysis of distance covered, slope and track covered and your heart rate. It has the capability of providing data references for improving your golf swings, their speed and frequency. You can analyze your swing posture and improve upon it by finding your best rhythm. Perhaps,you can say this will become your personal Golf coach!


Know The Nature Times

So only with a single raise of your smartwatch,it will be able to detect the time for sunrise, sunset, moon rise and moonset. This will let you plan your day time or night time adventure activities accordingly. Also, it has the ability to identify the type of moon and tidal waves created as an effect. This will be helpful while enjoying out at sea.

GPS Tracking Option
There is a Route Back feature present in this smartwatch that records your travel route. It uses GPS for more accurate information about location and marking. This will help you to fuind your way back in case you are having any issues.
Built-In Barometer
A built-in barometer indicates the change in air pressure in the surroundings. This will let you know if the weather is most likely to change. Then you can make your decisions and plans accordingly.
VO2Max and Oxygen Saturation Measurement
This factor indicates the amount of oxygen consumed during incremental exercise regime. The consumed amount reflects cardiorespiratory fitness and stamina during a physical training session. Also, you can detect the amount of oxygen present inthe blood at any given time.

Scientific Sleep Monitoring

Huawei’s GT2 Pro Sport Smartwatch can monitor your sleep with the help of HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0. It can diagnose 6 different types of sleep and provide you with suggestions how to improve your sleeping habits. While you are i8n deep sleep, this watch will keep track of your heart rate, breathing routine and pulse rate.

Relax and Get Off That Stress

With HUAWEI TruRelax, this smartwatch offers a 24/7 stress monitoring system. It will analyse your breathing habits and keep an eye on your mood. Also, look out for suggestions how to regulate your mood at all times.

24/7 Heart Rate Detection System

The HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0+ keeps a close eye on your heart at all times. It analyses your heart rate and monitors it. It provides a detailed report on the heart rate be it lower or higher than normal.

Powerful Battery with Wireless Charging

The Huawei’s GT2 Pro Sport smartwatch comes with wireless charging, only a 5 minute worth quick wireless charge will ensure a run for 10 continuous hours! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Battery life is in definite for a period of 2 weeks.

Other Features

You can use this smartwatch to receive and perform calls and check call history. This can be done either directly or via bluetooth connection with your phone. Also,the watch has a memory storage for around 500 songs that you can save and play while work out.


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