Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Huawei unveils three smartwearables in Indian Market

Watch GT costs roughly around 17,000 indian rupees while Band 3E and Band Pro cost around 2,000 Indian rupees and 5000 Indian rupees respectively.

Huawei has made these three wearables available in growing smart wearables market of India. These wearables were originally launched globally in London with company’s flagship Mate 20 pro smartphone. All these products can be brought online from at impressively affordable prices for such products. These wearables can be connected with a smartphone using Bluetooth and depend on smartphones for WiFi connectivity though as they don’t carry any WiFi support.

Watch GT has a stainless-steel body and it supports a dual-crown body. It also has an impressive 1.39 inches screen with AMOLED display. This 453×454 display is complemented by a gigantic two days long battery life. The watch also carries a heart beat tracker that monitors the pace of user’s heartbeat. Different modes are present specifically designed for different times and environments including walking, hiking, running, swimming, cycling, training etc. It also has a sleep tracker which helps you fix your sleeping patterns. Three global positioning systems and Huawei’s very own LiteOS are some of the other features which make this watch stand out.

Band 3E is a wrist band by Huawei focused mainly on fitness and health. It’s Footwear Mode provides the data for running with great precision. It has a very compact design and it is water resistant as well which makes it very useful for heavy duty tasks like swimming, hiking and other major extreme sports. A sensor based on 6-Axis gyroscopes helps it in gathering a very accurate and precise data for virtually any activity. All this date ends up coaching you by letting you know about all the highs and lows of your performances throughout the day.

Band 3 Pro also has a variety of features to provide its users with highly accurate and precise readings about the heart, sleep and other activities throughout the day enabling the user to take better care of their body and performance. Both Band 3 and Band 3E carry a futuristic AMOLED display along with TruSeen and TruSleep technologies for better heart and sleep monitoring.

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