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Huawei has introduced its wearables to South African Consumers

Huawei has debuted a variety of its wearables in South Africa. As reported by the company, all eight smart wearable devices introduced have support for every Operating System there is. All of these devices are accessible, unique and yet supportive to every South African’s lifestyle. These wearables can help everyone from people who exercise casually to those who are committed to their physique.

“There has been a massive surge in popularity of smart wearable devices over the past few years,” stated Akhram Mohamed. “At the same time, Huawei has increasingly grown its share of the mobile phone market globally, so it made sense for us to expand into the wearables market, given that this is an area where we can provide an even wider range of premium fashion and technical products to support everyday users at affordable prices.” Akhram Mohamed is Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa’s Chief Technology Officer.

Huawei has been in wearables market since 2015 but the company has been steadily expanding, reaching out for international consumers with one step at a time. The company has decided that now is the time to reveal itself to the South African market and the rise in demand of wearables in South African market was the driving force in this decision.

“Now, however, South Africans want wearable devices that offer more technology and are more affordable.” Mohamed summarized.

Here a few notable features from some of these products.

Huawei Band 3e can be strapped to your shoe or wrist based on your choice. It tracks down your jogging and walking patterns and notifies you via SMS, Calls, WhatsApp or a special application designed by Huawei for wearables.

Huawei Band 2 Pro is a water proof device that keeps an eye on your heartbeat and sleeping patterns. It is equipped with GPS functionality and is designed specially to help athletes such as sprinters, swimmers and cyclists.

Huawei Watch GT Sport is a smartwatch has an impressive fourteen days battery. The device is designed especially for athletes, provides a lot of options for training like coaching in real time and evaluation of training’s effects. It has a highly accurate heartbeat monitor and a very impressive GPS.

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