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Huami Starts Sales of AirRun and Amazfit Powerbuds across China


Huami has just started to sell the Amazfit Powerbuds and the treadmill accompanied by them in Chinese electronics market. These Powerbuds were unveiled just a while back at the start of this year during CES 2020. The treadmill that goes by the name of AirRun also runs on this as well.

Huami introduced Amazfit Powerbuds to rival the AirPods by Apple. These earables by Huami only weigh 7 grams individually. These smart earbuds also come with innovative functionalities of heart rate monitoring, water resistance of IP55 rating, notifications for workout, sound modes for exercise and other activates. These smart earbuds have a gigantic battery life of 8 hours and which can go as much as over a day with accompanying charging case. This make the battery life of Huami Powerbuds to be almost double than that of AirPods Pro by Apple.

Huami has also been reportedly working on a more enhanced version of its earbuds as well which will have a longer battery life and more features as well. These new pair of earbuds will be called Amazfit Zenbuds according to various reports.

Amazfit AirRun is a treadmill which was also announced alongside Amazfit Powerbuds at CES2020 has been made available for purchase in China. This first treadmill comes with a display screen alongside it and this all package was termed as Huami HomeStudio. It incorporates 12MPH Salt Bet Technology in it. The running surface on this devices has a width of 20 inches and length of 53 inches. The alternative to this a treadmill that can fold and saves the space as well as costs less too. Both of these treadmills bring over few thousand classes and are powered by Artificial Intelligence computer vision as well. The computer vision assists you in correcting you posture and form after detecting any irregularities in it.

AirRun can be brought for only 2699 Yuans in Chince which roughly converts to 380 US dollars. On the other hand, the smart earbuds only cost an equivalent of $100 in China.

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