Thursday, February 22, 2024

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Huami and McLaren Join Hands for Electronic Sports

Huami has made an announcement regarding partnering up with McLaren to build smart electronics wearables for electronic sports.

This partnership is expected to open new avenues in the field of electronic gaming and sports by incorporating it with Artificial Intelligence technology and body sensors. These enhancements will surely achieve the near perfect efficiency in virtual car racing. These products will be cobranded, carrying the name of both McLaren Applied Technologies and Huami.

These products will be assisted by smartphone applications to help the consumers in analyzing activity and biometric data in electronic gaming on professional levels.

“We are excited to be working with world-leading performance design and technology solutions provider McLaren Applied Technologies and official partner to McLaren Shadow Project,” said Huami’s Vice President, Tommy Tang.

“We believe that this strategic partnership validates the growth potential of our high-quality wearable technology products and will help broaden our global reach.” He added.

Electronic gaming and electronic sports have made their mark quite well in the world of professional sports. Some of the highest paid individuals from the world of sports come from this field. E-sports market has been ever increasing since its debut and the trend is not expected to end any time soon. To put things in perspective, the total revenues of this market were around 905 million dollars in 2018 and analysts believe that the 1 billion mark won’t take long to be crossed. We can even expect a rise up to 1.5 billion dollars during the year 2020. Some of the major esports events are also under consideration for Paris Olympics of 2024.

During the inaugural stage of this partnership between McLaren and Huami, a winner will be crowned in the electronic sports event by McLaren in the town of Woking, England. More than half a million people applied to be the part of the event. This event will be broadcasted live on youtube and will be free to watch everywhere.

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