Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Huami and McLaren join hands for e-sports wearables

Huami has announced its partnership with one of McLaren’s divisions, McLaren Applied
Technologies. McLaren is a world-renowned auto company with its reach in farthest corners of the world. This collaboration will help in development and enhancement of e-sports wearables.

This partnership will also expand on the exploration of human body trackers and sensors along with the optimization of Artificial Intelligence technology in augmented and virtual car racing. These products will be co-branded and deigned specially to work on applications based on mobile giving the consumers access to their activity and biometric data while being in competitive and spirited e-sports.
“We are excited to be working with world-leading performance design and technology
solutions provider McLaren Applied Technologies and official partner to McLaren Shadow
Project,” according to Tommy Tang. “We believe that this strategic partnership validates
the growth potential of our high-quality wearable technology products and will help broaden our global reach.” He added. Tommy is currently serving Vice President at Huami.
Electronics sports, commonly known as e-Sports are the sports competitions spanning over any kind of video or electronic games. This side of sports have had a considerable rise in last two decades giving birth to the terms like “Professional Gamers” and “Professional Gaming”. Some of these gamers have even featured in the list of highest earning athletes. This alone is enough to have a rough idea about the extent of this field.
The worldwide market of electronics sports is very likely to see a huge expansion in the coming years. Revenues generated last year alone were close to one billion dollars. This figure will only increase this year according to the experts. In two to three years’ time, this figure is likely to reach 1.5 billion dollars. This side of sports can see the light of the day in Olympics as well for as soon as 2024 in Paris.

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