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Huami and Alivecor Join Hands to Develop Medical-Grade Wearables of Next Generation

Huami has announced the establishment of their partnership with Alivecor. The key objective of this partnership is to develop high end medical-grade smart wearables which will open new avenues in health wearable industry.

Few months ago, Alivecor killed of its ECG accessory for Apple Watch called KardiaBand. It was done due to the introduction of ECG functionality which was built inside the Apple Watches starting from Series 3.

“AliveCor’s agreement with Huami achieves our corporate goal of delivering AliveCor’s AI driven subscription services and solutions to enterprise customers and consumers worldwide at affordable price points,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Alivercor. Priya Abani. “AliveCor technology allows partners to easily deliver clinically validated, peer-reviewed medical features to their own customers, at scale.”


Huami has made its name in wearable tech market with its highly successful Xiaomi Mi Band series and Amazfit smart watches. More than 27.8 million units of wearable devices were shipped by Huami around the world. Alivecor can benefit a lot from this collaboration as it can mean exponential increase in its exposure to the market and consumers.

“AliveCor’s Intelligent, medical grade, heart care platform will be a key component of Huami smart watches and heart trackers going forward,” said Wang Huang “Our new partnership is critical to building these as well as entirely new medical grade services.” He is the chief executive officer of Huami.

ECG technology is not anything new for Huami as it has already announced an ECG variant of it Amazfir Verge 2 smart watch. This smart watch will be up for sale any time now according to Huami.

According to the deal, Alivecor technology has been licensed to Huami while an agreement has been reached to work side by side in building new and efficient hardware. Hopefully, we will witness the first products to come out of this partnership by the summer of 2020.

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