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HTC Vive And Mayo Armband To Help Amputees Control Their Limbs

Prosthetic limbs have been an achievement for the scientists and the researchers. They have proved to be a milestone for those who are amputated too. However, using the artificial bodies and limbs can be tricky. This is why Researchers at Sheffield Hallam University has developed a new system which will use VR to teach amputees the use of prosthetic limbs.

Ivan Phelan had an idea in mind to help those who were naturally deprived of some limbs naturally or they lost some by accident. He is a famous games developer and a lead VR researcher.  The app used will be simple and controls the use of hand movements and limbs.

HTC Vive And Mayo Armband To Help Amputees

All the users have to do is to wear a HTC Vive Headset along with the controller. Additionally, they will wear a Myo gesture control armband. The band will read the EMG signals emitted from the amputated arm. With the help of these, the wearers will practice the functioning of the Myo controlled arm. All of the controls would be done virtually.

Myo Armband can control existing prosthetic limbs and it is capable of using the techniques to make sure the prosthetic limbs can work fine.  VR could help in lot of ways to make sure that the prosthetics are comfortable with their limbs. It can also use a mirror to show amputees what their missing limb would look like in that position.

Oculus Rift has also been used by different universities like Middlesex and UCL to help the participants. They have been using the same headset to control the hands of the wearers virtually. The main purpose of the tech is to help them accept the new addition in their body. It may help the participants get hold and comfortable with their body without any worries.

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